Friday, July 30, 2004

Andrew Sullivan loves/hates me


it really is bewildering to read andrew sullivan's blog. he's been pretty generous to the democrats during their convention, but saved his typical criticism for kerry's speech (obviously the most important one). andy writes as if he's still undecided who he's going to vote for, even though he's been incredibly harsh toward bush, particularly his position on the gay marriage amendment. i mean, really, c'mon, are you not going to vote for kerry because his speech under whelmed you? does bush still have a chance with you even though he's supporting a constitutional AMENDMENT to discriminate against you? is the war on terror so important that you think once kerry gets elected nukes will go off in all the major cities? i mean, get serious. andy's role simply should be to harp on kerry to manage his message better, instead of this "well, i'm still not sure if i've written bush off..." yes you have. he's supporting an AMENDMENT to the CONSTITUTION. hello, mcfly!!!!

still, we have 4 more months of this garbage. i guess andy likes to do this to keep his readers coming back.


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