Sunday, July 25, 2004

Clarke isn't giving up

Richard Clarke has a great column in the NY Times today. This guy isn't giving up. I finished his book last week and it's a sobering analysis of what had been done and what is being done to deal with Al Qaeda. As everyone is aware, Clarke thought Bush was dropping the ball on this one. The unfortunate thing about Clarke and his message is that it's just something to complicated to get the media to channel properly to the public. Clarke throws out this flaming turd and what happens? Nothing. No one is fired. Bush's strategy doesn't change, except to circle the wagons even tighter. Meanwhile, we're becoming less safe. What exactly was accomplished with Richard Clarke coming forth with this information? It's all about information delivery, and our current system failed spectacularly to deliver Clarke's message in such a way there would be consequences.  Well, hold that, I'm sure there will be consequences, but the kind that are out of our hands.  MB


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