Wednesday, July 28, 2004

It's not surreal to me


the third edition of the incredibly brilliant tv series, the surreal life, will come to us in early september.  i'm not sure why it took those hollywood types so long to come up with such a great premise, but now that they have, it's important we contribute to the evolution of the show.  the first edition of the show was incredible, mainly because of the presence of corey feldman.  the man is a giant among washed up celebrities.  and the incredible part is that he lived up to all expectations by humiliating himself on tv over and over again.   we know the surreal life is popular among our readers so we'll be doing a periodic countdown to the series and providing ongoing commentary.  to begin with, let's look at this edition's washed up celebrities.  then we'll compile our own list of who we think should be on the show.

The Surreal Life 3 (premieres Sept. 5)

Charo  (Barf. Is this to attract the geriatric demographic?)
actor/comedian Dave Coulier (Who?)
hip-hop pioneer Flava Flav  (I like this choice.  I had my own clock necklace and I think it's a style on the way back.)
one-time New Kids On The Block member Jordan Knight  (Not a bad choice, but I would've preferred Donny Wahlberg.  Donny was better at self-humiliation.)
 former female action star Brigitte Nielsen  (Brilliant.  I hope one of the other stars asks her if she felt snubbed when the Academy ignored her role in Cobra.).
 first season American Idol finalist Ryan Starr. (This is a really lame choice. I can't believe they couldn't find a more appealing former child star at some LA temp agency.)

More to come on our dream cast.


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