Tuesday, July 27, 2004

needs a silver bullet desperately

pete coors campaign for the GOP senate nomination in colorado is in a tailspin.  as a former resident of colorado, i'm not one to doubt the propensity of the state's 'wild west frontiersmen' voting bloc to elect a guy who's made his fortune fueling alcoholism worldwide. that being said, its intruiging to note the limits of politics as brand marketing. coors enters the race with obviously phenomenal name recognition and a familiar face from his many tv commercials pimping beer. yet his dazzling, and i do mean dazzling, incompetence on the issues (is it possible that he somehow missed the memo on the canned response to deficit/taxcut conflict that the GOP spoonfeeds its clones ?) appears to have undermined his political brand value. i'm as shocked as the next guy that voters may actually have an expectations floor for knowledge and experience for a political candidate (insert line from 'totall recall' here). celebrity politicians take note - your name wont be enough unless you can parrot vacuous party dogma when required.

- LH


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