Tuesday, July 27, 2004

to be the man . . .

you've got to beat the man, and woooo, aint nobody coming close to the man right now. WJC's convention opener was really quite dazzling. as mrs. humungus put it 'you just cant stop his flow'.  watching political speech marathons like the conventions it really becomes apparent just how disastrously inept the art of public speaking has become. watching hilary ramble through awkward phrasemaking and arrythmic delivery was difficult, but not painful. in stark contrast, the great public speakers say powerful and artful things while speaking in human tones - its a subtle dance between the glorified word and the grounded affect. clinton is the master. i dont think his speech means a lick in the big picture of kerry vs. bush, in shaping the future of the Democratic Party, or to the fate of the nation; but for one brief moment you can suspend the clouds of history and the frustration of opportunities lost and savor the inspiration of a person doing what he does best.


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