Tuesday, July 27, 2004

where'd that come from ?

two striking notes from where i sat on clinton's fine oratory:
1. being out of the political rat race sure is freeing. can you imagine clinton going anywhere near a couple of the themes he relished last night were HE the candidate ? not only did he call to attention the vietnam issue (associating himself with B/C was a masterstroke - viewed as humble by his supporters and perhaps a moment of genuine self-criticism by his detractors) but he rode 'my tax cut' into the ground, and effectively so.
2. when did WJC become obsessed with the environment ? it must have happened sometime after 2000, because he mentioned environmental issues 7 times last night by my count. clean energy seemed to get the most air time, but i was simply startled to hear such an emphasis. whoever left an LCV briefing book in the fleet center men's room stall - nice work.


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