Wednesday, August 25, 2004

And the winner is. . .the terrorists!!!

So a commission investigating abuse of prisoners in Iraq released its final report today. What makes the event newsworthy is that the panel laid blame, albeit indirectly, at the highest levels in the defense department, which means Sec. Rumsfield was partly implicated. In a nutshell, he basically did not react fast enough to the conditions that allowed these events to occur. So not only has Donnie failed on the pre and post war planning in Iraq, he helped foster the environment that allowed the prison abuses to occur. And what did the head of this panel say when asked if he thought the Don should resign:

Schlesinger emphatically rejected the idea that Rumsfeld
should resign. He said that "would be a boon to all America's enemies."
Right. So by not holding significant players accountable, our "enemies" will get their jollies out of that. Huh? What enemies? Former Batthists? The Shia insurgents? Foreign fighters in Iraq? Or do they mean Al qaeda? Here's a thought, everyone acknowledges that the US must win the "war of ideas" (groan, i hate using that term.) in the middle east, so wouldn't it help to have a high profile firing of Rumsfield (maybe have Bush hold a press conference at the base of the statue of liberty and have planes fly overhead spelling out 'hey rummie, you're FIRED!") to help prove to Iraqis that we truly regret the prison abuse scandal? Doesn't keeping him in power only rub salt on the wound? Iraqis aren't dumb. They'll see this report. They'll see that Rumsfield was partially responsible and they'll see Bush, someone they already despise because of this hypocritical behavior, allow Rummer to keep his job.

"Boon to all America's enemies"? Is there ANYONE in power serious about dealing with Iraq and the Al Qaeda threat?



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