Wednesday, August 18, 2004

the bush approach

everything, and i do mean everything, you need to know about george w. bush's approach to environmental issues is captured in this brilliant piece by joby warrick in the washington post. its so remarkably sinister, even the most creative environmental mind couldnt imagine such a despicable assault on the environment. this article really has it all - a bush appointee bought and paid for by the industry he's supposed to regulate, an industry making massive campaign contributions to the GOP, a resource that is breathtakingly destructive to the terrestrial environment AND the climate, and a federal policy that promotes an a technology that is eliminating jobs, leaving a landscape in ruins, damaging the lives of poor and working class communities, and accomplishing NOTHING positive beyond making wealthy coal barons wealthier and wealthier.

realize that this article could be written about any of a dozen environmental issues that the bush administration has applied this mentality to, and understand that for environmentalists, this administration is truly the worst case scenario.

- LH


At August 18, 2004 at 3:34 PM, Blogger jfl said...

Worst case scenario indeed, played out in real time. The WaPo article is excellent, but, in case anyone cares, there's a small error up front. Warrick writes, "[W]hen the Environmental Protection Agency announced proposals last year to control mercury emissions, it also moved to downgrade the "hazardous" classification of mercury pollution from power plants -- a seemingly minor change that effectively gave utilities 15 more years to implement the most costly controls." The Bush EPA didn't reclassify mercury as something other than hazardous; rather, it revoked a December 2000 regulatory determination (signed by Browner just before she turned over her keys) that deemed it "necessary and appropriate" to regulate mercury emissions from coal- and oil-fired power plants. The Bush EPA argues that by revoking the A&N determination, it can regulate Hg pretty much however it pleases, including, most notably, through the use of trading schemes.


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