Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Cole on AIPAC - Insert Label Here

Juan Cole is a brilliant guy, and his stuff is clearly worth reading. today i find myself a bit conflicted. a post from yesterday on AIPAC is so strident as to be disturbing, accusing this unquestionably powerful lobby of effectively silencing debate on policy vis a vis Israel, and indeed

"The US Congress is being held hostage by a single-issue lobbying organization that often puts Israeli interests above US interests . . . "

There's no question in my mind about the responses this kind of language evokes, and the historic context within which it fits. Does Cole really think that AIPAC wields enough power to dictate election results independently ? More so than, say, the NRA, the military-industrial complex, or the religious right ? Professor Cole has a lot to say of merit (his post
today on the convention party line is spot on) but a rant accusing an elite cabal of American Jews of behind the scenes puppet-mastery and election-influencing is a frightening revelation.

- LH


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