Sunday, August 22, 2004

Coward in Chief

It truly is amazing to see this swiftboat nonsense unfold. Kerry is having to play defense on an issue that Bush should have been castrated on. And Bush still gets away with his flippant attitude regarding the Vietnam war. The following is an excerpt from an interview Bush had with Tim Russert last February (full transcript here).

Russert: Were you favor of the war in Vietnam?

President Bush: I supported my government. I did. And
would have gone had my unit been called up, by the way.

Russert: But you didn't volunteer or enlist to go.

President Bush: No, I didn't. You're right. I served. I flew fighters and enjoyed it, and provided a service to our country. In those days we had what was called "air defense command," and it was a part of the air defense command system. The thing about the Vietnam War that troubles me as I look back was it was a political war. We had politicians making military decisions, and it is lessons that any president must learn, and that is to the set the goal and the objective and allow the military to come up with the plans to achieve that objective. And those are essential lessons to be learned from the Vietnam War.

Russert: Let me turn to the economy.

What a depraved individual, to openly admit he "supported my government" in that war, and yet he went out of his way to avoid serving in that war. What exactly, did he support? If it was such a just war, why did he not find the courage to enlist in the Army and serve in Vietnam? There are only two answers for that: One, he did not believe the Vietnam war was worth fighting; or, two, he was a craven coward who could not follow through on his convictions for a war "he supported." Both demonstrate a fundamental lack of character. Can there possibly be any other explanation to describe why Bush avoided service in Vietnam?

And Russert calls that an interview? I give him his props for following up the first question with "But you didn't volunteer or enlist to go." But he should have followed up on Bush's asinine comments with " enjoyed? Could you elaborate?" Or maybe, "If you truly supported the war, why didn't you volunteer for service?"

Well, this whole episode might damage Kerry, but there's still a long way to go before the election. Bush should be proud, since this whole swiftboat campaign's major impact has been to cast doubt on the achievements of all military award winners. And you can thank the Republican party for this.



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