Friday, August 27, 2004


la la la la la la. . . what can one say about bush. just when you think he can't get more depraved, more ignorant, more cocky, more unqualified, all one has to do is listen to him speak for himself. the following interview with bush by the new york times contains one monstrously disturbing response after another.

On environmental issues, Mr. Bush appeared unfamiliar with an administration report delivered to Congress on Wednesday that indicated that emissions of carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping gases were the only likely explanation for global warming over the last three decades. Previously, Mr. Bush and other officials had emphasized uncertainties in understanding the causes and consequences of global warming.

The new report was signed by Mr. Bush's secretaries of energy and commerce and his science adviser. Asked why the administration had changed its position on what causes global warming, Mr. Bush replied, "Ah, we did? I don't think so." Scott McClellan, Mr. Bush's press secretary, said later that the administration was not changing its position on global warming and that Mr. Bush continued to be guided by continuing research at the National Academy of Sciences.
The apparent shift was relatively big news and was covered by most of the major media outlets. but when asked, bush reaffirmed all the negative and accurate impressions we have of him, by honestly admitting he had no clue the policy changed, and almost as an afterthought, dismissed the new policy position. i'm sure the people in the energy and environmental agencies are being bombarded by not only environmental lobbies, but increasing numbers of business lobbies and they felt they had to act. i guess they were thinking they could get this policy out without bush noticing because el estupido never bothers to read the papers. i can see the meeting now, with sec. of energy Abraham saying, "ok, this global warming nonsense is really starting to annoy me, but i got all the bigwig CEOs buying into it. let's pretend we're doing something. let's change our policy, but we can't let 'lil B' know about it, so make sure it's buried someplace where he won't read it. it can't be in the comics section or the sports section. see if we can bury it on the front page of the nytimes - he'll never see it there. snicker, snicker...."

the rest of the interview is equally disturbing. apparently he thinks north korea isn't much of a problem and he 'hopes' it works itself out. la la la la la la.



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