Thursday, August 12, 2004

dick cheney must pay

lets be blunt. dick cheney is kicking kerry's rhetorical ass right now. yes his comments are asinine. yes they are pathetically neanderthal and appeal to the lowest common denominator in american society. yes they represent EXACTLY the kind of hyper-simplistic, macho, driven-by-small-penis insecurities that embody the GOP's white male wing (read: all of them).

but they fundamentally question Kerrys toughness. and Kerry needs to hold that ground. of course, cheney's attacks follow the classic VP model - he's the dog while bush stays above it. kerry needs a champion to respond in kind. if edwards won't do it, cleland, gore, or a clinton needs to. a strident, public, and genuinely pointed response. i'd recommend something along the lines of "of course dick cheney doesnt understand a soldier's descriptions of war - having avoided putting himself in the line of fire at every opportunity, i wouldnt expect him to have anything but hollywood delusions about what it really means to fight a war. i'd expect the american people are a lot less likely to indulge in his arrogant and embarrasing brand of braggadocio."

but hey, that's just me.

- LH


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