Tuesday, August 24, 2004

driving themselves into the ground

is any industry in America more backwards and self-destructive than the auto industry ? there's only one thing more certain than the fact that every year we'll be treated to a spectacle of humiliation as American auto manufacturers consistently are absent from the upper ranks of independent analyses measuring quality and dependability; it's that they will be every bit as consistent in doing everything possible to ensure that their vehicles remain as polluting, unsafe and inefficient as possible. seat belts, catalytic converters, air bags, CAFE standards - you could set your watch by these guys. and let we think that any measure is too small for their attention - the sacramento bee (as linked the fine tree-hugging dirt-worshippers at grist magazine) reports that Bill Ford is outraged at a state of California plan that would "let owners of hybrids that average 45 mpg or more and meet near-zero-emission standards to drive solo in highway car-pool lanes."

Probably just a coincidence that Ford's own SUV-hybrid will get only 35mpg and that their fleet is one of the LEAST efficient of the world's auto manufacturers. Ford's committment to the environment is a sham, and his individual credibility is utterly vacant.

But hey, it's not like more efficient cars are likely to be popular in the future, what with the plentiful supplies of inexpensive oil here at home, and vast reserves awaiting us in dozens of friendly, stable democracies in the middle east. Wait a minute Bill, I think that may be an asteroid headed this way ! You and the triceratops at GM better hide in that cave and wait until it's over !

- LH


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