Sunday, August 22, 2004

Just dome it!

Hey Domers, I was going through some of our reader mail and several of you have asked (technically NO one has asked, but I'm pre-emptively predicting that someone will) if LT has any merchandise for sale. GREAT question. Not yet, and there is the whole issue of copyrights associated with the Road Warrior movies. If we leave out any imagery of MasterBlaster or the Humugous, then I think it might be ok. If we simply use "Liberal Thunderdome" then we're in the clear. Neither of us are very artistic, so we're going to hold a contest on who can come up with an attrative icon for our name "Liberal Thunderdome" that we can use on merchandise. I'm hoping to have LT on some shirts, hats, and maybe even some ties in the near future. Be patient, my domers of war!



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