Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Kerry/Edwards on Iran

In contrast to North Korea, Iran is quite simple really. They want to build nuclear plants, ostensibly for electricity, but more likely for nuclear weapons development. We don’t want a nuclear Iran, because it would instantly dominate the middle east and threaten our friends in Israel. Any generalized American argument against a nuclear state in the region is nullified by the reality that Israel certainly already is such a state, even if that fact remains publicly denied by both Israel and the US.

Kerry/Edwards is
ready to call the Iranian bluff. Nuclear power for electricity ? Even while sitting on one of the globe’s largest oil reserves ? OK, fine – enjoy your fission, we’ll just take that bomb-making fuel off your hands for you. The Iranian explanation is that nuclear power is cheap, especially given the opportunity cost of the oil they’re burning that could be sold on the open market. It’s either an utter sham or quite remarkable foresight – likely a convenient combination of both.

But will this idea work ? My understanding is that spent fuel must be measured and monitored exactingly, suggesting that the technical possibilities are real. If so, it’s another sign of a foreign policy that puts aside bravado and gunslinging posturing to find a path that might really move nations forward.

- LH


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