Monday, August 02, 2004

Liberal Thunderdome Preseason Football Poll


folks, college football is almost upon us. it's a VERY exciting time. it's time for the first annual Liberal Thunderdome top 10 football poll. we're anticipating that the BCS will incorporate our poll with the other polls to ensure there isn't a repeat of the debacle cochampionship like there was last year. we'll be putting out this poll every tuesday once the season starts. ok, here it is, the top 10 preseason poll!!!

1. Florida Gators - Nuff said.

2. Tuft's University - Although they're division III, they've been doing some incredible recruiting in the Southeast. Coach S. very quietly is acting on his five year plan and this year all that work will pay off. Sure, those skeptics at Street and Smith will point out that the offensive line averages only 185lbs, but what they don't mention is the lambada training these guys have been undergoing. And after going 3-8 playing in Florida's Class AA high school ball, these guys are finally jelling into the top ten team Coach S. has been hyping. Look for these guys to play in either the Rose Bowl, or if they drop a game or two, the Snapdragon Bowl.

3. Miami - Based on some internal polling, nearly 80% of the team are registered Democrats. They get political props just for that. Oh yeah, apparently they did some solid recruiting and have lots of returning starters back on the team this year. I guess that means something to some people.

4. University of Central Florida - Golden Knights will have many golden Saturday nights . . . get it?!? Seriously, gold and black is a great color scheme, so I predict a solid first half of the season, maybe a loss or two by November, and then finally we'll with Coach Haim replacing the existing coach, success into the bowl season.

5. Riverview Rams Freshmen football team of 1986 - Lots of fellow sports journalists don't like my pick here, saying it's not really logical to pick a team that only existed in the past, but most don't dare argue with the talent on that team. Of course this is a controversial pick, but controversy breeds great sports writing. Sports Illustrated is doing a cover story on the receiver corps and the defensive backs of that storied team. And not one of these 'experts' has yet to present a compelling case why this team won't make the top five by early January.

6-10. Well, to be honest, I'm bored. I really only like to rank the BEST teams, so why bother with the mediocre teams farther down the list? I'll leave these rankings up to the less gifted predictors in the sport ranking world.


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