Tuesday, August 10, 2004

LT all-time racist movie rankings

hey guys, some of our readers have been asking if we have an all time racist movie ranking that we'd like to share. as a matter of fact, we do. what's amazing about this list is how top heavy it is with current movies. you think the more recent a film, the more sensitive the moviemakers would be about racial issues. some real gems in here that spit in the eye of racial reconciliation. here it is:

5. Birth of a Nation - no real explanation here. racist to the core. the only excuse i can proffer is this movie was made eons ago, before the civil rights era.

4. Weekend at Bernie's - most people don't get this. well, the message that minorities are incapable of holding steady jobs underlines the whole point about dead people trying to act alive. i mean, isn't it clear enough?

3. the last starfighter - aliens...video games...mobile home park? do i need to say more?

2. another stakeout - the racist venom that comes out of rosie odonnel's mouth makes this film nearly unwatchable.

and the most racist movie of all time...drum roll please....

1. the phantom menace - folks, i ain't lying here. oh man, did anyone bother to check to see if lucas has any klan background? i mean, what the HELL was he thinking? i've been to aryan race seminars that are less racist than this. in fact, i hear a few east german white supremacy groups use this movie as a recruiting tool. lucas, you RACIST PIG.


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