Thursday, August 26, 2004

the most important article you'll read this week

and it has nothing to do with vietnam, cheney's daughter, your taxes, or gold medals.

samantha power on the genocide in sudan, in the new yorker.

take the time. sit down and read this article. invest 30 minutes to understand an issue that defies partisanship, steps far outside the ideological debate on foreign policy taking place in this country today, and represents what is perhaps the truest duty of the lone superpower if we are to maintain any hopes of leading the globe into a brighter future.

there's a lot here that both Democrats and Republicans can be proud of, and ashamed of. but this is an issue that should, and must, defy politics. if all the wealth, power, and strength of american society is committed to self-preservation, without a willingness to extend ourselves to protect the helpless, our compass is utterly lost.

- LH


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