Tuesday, August 31, 2004

On Republican Compassion . . .

it's 'people of compassion' day at the GOP convention, and really, i think they mean it this time. no more harsh free-marketeerism, no more deification of darwinian economics, no more mocking the public good or turning their backs on the unfortunate huddled masses.

no sir, this grand old party is turning over a new leaf.

or not.

at what point does a 'theme' move from 'harmless charade' to 'outright lie' ?

- LH


At September 1, 2004 at 11:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It happens that I was recently in the Mid-South, where I ventured into a Christian bookstore to purchase a CD of some favorite old hymns. At the store there was a voter registration table and a flyer was pressed into my hand directing me to a website for ivotevalues.com. This is an allegedly neutral website urging Christians to register to vote and to vote consistently with Biblical principles. I later explored the site and found that, yes, compassion is surely one of the Biblical values. Yet, as we know, talking compassion and doing compassion are two different things. It seems to me I've never encountered a time when values are more distorted for political advantage. To understand what Bush is saying, it is necessary to alter every declaration to its opposite. Yet, sadly, the Democratic National Convention showed a propensity to play the same game--the heavy emphasis on military strength was painful to behold. Do you folks have any comment on the sad distortion of religious values, being used to undercut the Constitution and promote theocracy in the US? And do you have ideas about how a sophisticated position, with appropriate nuances and subtleties, can compete against easy, repeated slogans?


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