Friday, August 13, 2004

revenge of the energy nerds

energy & enviro news is the talk of the town right now - perhaps not the talk of either presidential candidate, both of whom seem intent on avoiding any serious discussion of energy policy beyond swing state and interest group panderings (kerry and ethanol, bush and ANWR). but they can't stop the rain from falling, and fall it will. our good friend kevin drum at washingtonmonthly (technically, we dont know each other but i think of our relationship as much like my own with corey feldman - familiar with each others careers, a deep and abiding respect for each others work, and a genuine sense of kinship as part of a cosmic chain of humanity) discusses the production peak issue with aplomb.

kevin rightly notes that individual predictions of when/how the peak arrives are singularly unimportant. what's relevant is the bigger picture notion that a peak is inevitable and clearly destined to arrive within the next decade or most optimistically, two.

- LH


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