Thursday, August 12, 2004

signing on to the hinden-nader

a friend recently directed me to the website everyone on the left is happily talking about,, with cautiously optimistism and a glimmer of hope. the site is delicious fun and enormously helpful, but tough to get too excited about given the precipitous nature of the data and my firm belief that 'events' between now and november are likely to be determinative in the outcome to an unprecedented degree.

nonetheless, the most striking feature of the site's numbers has to be the fact that of the 23 states reasonably considered 'in play', 15 have our old friend ralph nader racking up between 1 and 4% of the vote. i find that genuinely stunning, and it certainly puts to rest any nascent notions about the intellectual superiority of lefties. who ARE these clowns ? george w. bush's presidency has been a MONUMENT to the contrasts between democrats and republicans - beyond paving yellowstone and invading canada and mexico, i'm not sure what more he could do. yet 4% of our friends in Nevada are planning to employ their votes as metaphorical charmin rather than settle for a president who is a little LESS anti-corporate than their egotistical champion.

nader-voters, if you're reading, i'm desperate here - fill us in on the tortured, twisted logic that you've managed to sell to your conscience.



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