Monday, August 23, 2004

We've moved beyond ridiculous

i'm almost afraid to write about it, given the absurdity of the public discussion on the 'swift boat' controversy in the media, but at some point . . .

this entire debate is a breathtaking, mind-blowing sham. let's review: american troops are on the ground in not one but TWO countries formerly dominated by muslim-fundamentalist and/or totalitarian dictators. the economy is struggling mightily as oil prices climb skyward. the gap between rich and poor is growing and al quaeda is still essentially unchallenged, and our vigilant american media is focused on what ? john kerry's service record in vietnam DECADES ago ?

people, this is sublime moment for karl rove. he has taken over the public stage with an entirely manufactured (and frankly, irrelevant) issue, and the media's insatiable scandal-hunger has led them to jump through every hoop. meanwhile, the issues, the REAL issues in this campaign, have once again vanished.

you know, guys like david ignatius and the ever-optimistic nick kristof regularly wrist-slap the candidates for not having a more honest, high-minded approach to political communication. and every time i read them i wonder - are these guys even paying attention ? in a nation dominated by supply and demand thinking, the media has evolved to supply exactly what we as a voting public demand - and its not thoughtful, substantial discussion of tax policy or environmental regulation. its spoon-fed questions about details of things that happened dozens of years ago, the determination of which are utterly meaningless to the merits of the candidate.

and lets not fool ourselves lefties - whats happening now is no more pathetic than the liberal drumbeat over bush's national guard record. the information that matters is public record - kerry volunteered, served, was wounded, and sent home; bush leveraged connections to avoid the war, served in a plush, safe environment at home, and never came close to putting himself on the line in defense of his country. did kerry's wounds actuall spray blood ? irrelevant. did bush actually spend a portion of his service singing 'louie louie' from a barstool with a lampshade on his head ? equally irrelevant.

the media owes it to us to remember the big picture and let the partisan, manufactured noise machines drown each other out without their help.

- LH


At August 23, 2004 at 4:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey LT, great post, but you got one fact wrong. Bush wasn't singing "louie, louie." It was in fact, "Rock around the clock." That misconception has been flying around the net for years.

- Feral Kid


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