Tuesday, August 10, 2004

what the . . . part 3

dailykos nails another key aspect of this news today.

from the WAPost "Knowing then what he knows today about the lack of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, Kerry still would have voted to authorize the war and "in all probability" would have launched a military attack to oust Hussein by now if he were president, Kerry national security adviser Jamie Rubin said in an interview Saturday. As recently as Friday, the Massachusetts senator had said he only "might" have still gone to war. "

this is where the wheels completely come off the kerry bus. its one thing to leverage some kind of constitutional rationale for supporting the president when he requests the power to pursue policies based on his best judgement. its an entirely different thing to committ yourself to a willingness to make the same mistakes when you're behind the wheel. any ground kerry was standing on just crumbled. again, the alternative statement "no, we would have left him in power" is a tough sell, but this smells like a pissing contest.

his team needs to get their shit together on this issue. its inconceivable that at this stage of the game this is the best they can do.

- LH


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