Tuesday, August 24, 2004

what a relief

the AP reports that usher does not, i repeat NOT have 'a beef' with justin timberlake. to wit, usher notes that he seeks not a 'bad boy image' nor is he the sort of individual who looks for the proverbial 'trouble'.

we here at Liberal Thunderdome could not be more relieved. the last thing that America needs, in wartime i remind you, is a justin/usher split tearing us apart as a nation. you can imagine the vitriol as the red state/blue state dichotomy is ever heightened by the intensity of emotion one must feel at being asked to choose justin over usher, or vice versa. not to mention that the issue would likely overwhelm the presidential race, inevitably distracting the media and the voting public from more crucial issues, i.e. did john kerry fly his hairstylist to vietnam for a trim in the swiftboat during which he was wounded.

if we can get an 'ebony & ivory' cover out of this reapproachment, my life would be complete. correction: if corey feldman and alfonso ribiero did a cover of 'ebony & ivory' my life would be complete. if its usher and justin, my life would simply be a bit less empty.

- LH


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