Tuesday, August 10, 2004

What the...

kerry's people came out today and basically said, knowing what they know today, kerry would have STILL voted to empower bush to attack iraq. i know he's trying to shake the waffler moniker, but this is just absurd. this is why bush is looking absolutely ridiculous to everyone but his most rabid, ideological supporters. there were numerous ways for kerry's people to deflect this issue, but to come out and say, "i would've done the same thing" just cuts into his hard core supporters belief that kerry was bullied into this war vote. kerry is going to have to walk a fine line explaining why he voted for war and yet still concede it was a stupid thing to have done in hindsight. what's he's done today is basically reject that strategy. i think kerry's people are more scared of this GOP approach that he 'straddles both sides' characterization than they are alienating any of his anti-war supporters. at this point, i can't say it's an illogical strategy, just a frustrating one.

i'm curious to see how kerry himself addresses this issue.


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