Sunday, August 08, 2004

why, why, WHY!?!?

why, in the HELL, did i go see the chronicles of riddick? my original intent was to see i, robot, which had received adequate, if not unspectacular, reviews. but the newspaper printed the wrong times, leaving me 30 minutes late for the i, robot showing. given the choices, i reluctantly purchased a ticket for chronicles, thinking maybe, JUST maybe, it would have some of the flair and fun of pitch black, which it is a sequel too.

no, no, NO. it had none of the "fun" and "flair" of pitch black. but it did have all the pain and sorrow of a shitty movie. instead of boring and annoying you with what i didn't like about the movie, i'll instead focus on why, exactly, i gave it a chance in the first place: because i'm STUPID.

i can't really sum it up any better than that.


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