Wednesday, September 22, 2004

arrest someone for plagiarism, if nothing else !

It all comes down to what you believe the fundamental role of government is relevant to corporate function. If you envision the entire federal, state and local regulatory system as a massive chamber of commerce, who’s only function is to ensure unfettered profit maximization and ever-greater stockholder value, then this administration is fulfilling your wildest dreams.

For the third time, environmental advocates have discovered passages in the Bush administration's proposal for regulating mercury pollution from power plants that mirror almost word for word portions of memos written by a law firm representing coal-fired power plants.

Conservatives argue that ‘well of course ! only people inside the industry can understand how to regulate themselves best !’ I feel the same way about crime; let’s have felons write sentencing guidelines eh ?

The reality is that industry has absolutely no interest in public health, the environment, or the havoc that mercury is wreaking in ecosystems and american citizen’s bodies right now. None. Their interest is in making money. It’s the government who we count on to protect us from these unseen sources of pollution. It’s the government who we count on to do protect our lakes, rivers and waterways, if not our children. And if we allow the government to hand over the responsibility for that protection to the polluters and their lackeys, then we have only ourselves to blame.

- LH


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