Wednesday, September 29, 2004

as if we needed any more evidence

regular readers of the thunderdome can't have much left to doubt, but sometimes it's helpful to see the bush administrations record on environmental issues summarzied a bit more broadly. the bush strategy of incrementalist hobbling, death by a thousand cuts as it were, can obscure the bigger picture of an administration that views the environment as merely a storehouse of limitless resource wealth and nothing more. the seattle times takes a five part look:

From Montana to New Mexico, extraction of natural gas, coal and coal-bed methane is reaching levels unmatched since the early 1980s, sparking environmental disputes and creating new pockets of wealth. Just the number of new oil and natural-gas drilling permits yearly on federal lands under President Bush is 60 percent higher than it was under President Clinton.
And Clinton had opened more federal land to exploration than his predecessor, George H. W. Bush. The transition is a testament to a Bush White House so committed to energy development that removing obstacles to drilling has become one of its signature natural-resource achievements.

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