Thursday, September 30, 2004

the bush agenda: bay of pigs payback time up next ?

let's set aside the debate over the effectiveness of bush's missile defense system, conveniently operationalized just weeks before the election even though its nowhere near even it's own minimalist standards of effectiveness. let's even set aside the opportunity cost argument, and the notion that we're investing vast sums of money to protect ourselves against paper tiger rogue states instead of al quaeda and the real terrorist threat.

i want to know exactly what problem missile defense is supposed to solve ? the president's asinine quote: "We say to those tyrants who believe they can blackmail America and the free world, ‘You fire, we’re going to shoot it down.’” is clearly targeted at North Korea, but it couldnt be more misleading. the reality is that NK is simply no threat to launch a missile at the united states. call it 'individual assured destruction' if you will: kim jong-il recognizes that lobbing even a single nuclear warhead our way utterly and completely guarantees the nuclear annhilation of his regime, if not entire nation. its a certainty. you simply can't blackmail someone when the threat of their retaliation is vastly greater than your own attack. if anything, anything defines kim's regime, its an instinct for self-preservation.

iran ? again, IAD. not to mention that they are nowhere close to having a delivery system that could threaten the US. israel, maybe. but i dont see a missile defense system in alaska solving that problem.

missile defense is a cold war relic, another sign of the bush administration fighting wars and settling scores from our history books. george bush is chasing after our past fervently; maybe the rest of us should start worrying about our future.

- LH


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