Thursday, September 23, 2004

carmakers in denial

there's a reason i love bashing the car companies. they just make it so easy . . .

referring to a california effort to cut greenhouse gas emissions from cars by 30% over the next twelve years:

"They didn't identify any improvement in air quality or a single health benefit from this expensive regulation," said Gloria Bergquist, spokeswoman for the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, which represents Ford, BMW, Toyota and six other carmakers.

ignoring the fact that its hard to believe cutting NOx emissions has zero health benefits, this statement couldn't be less relevant. its like saying that because studies haven't shown any correlation with reduced cancer risks, you shouldn't brush your teeth. greenhouse gas reduction isn't about air quality and it isn't about health benefits. its about the climate and functional ecology of the entire damn planet ! automobiles are the second largest source of CO2 emissions in the US, pumping out 1.5 billion tons annually - but hey, can't we let them off the hook a few more decades ? what's the worst that could happen ?

- LH

UPDATE: the NYT hits this story here. as usual, the car companies are estimating this will cost as much as FIVE times the state's estimates. its like they just pulled out the old scripts and changed 'catalytic converters' and 'air bags' to 'greenhouse gas control measures' and called a press conference. let's hope noone buys it this time either.


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