Friday, September 17, 2004

could they paint a more obvious bullseye ?

i know i'm just a bleeding heart quasi-socialist liberal who's ideas and concerns can and should be dismissed by serious policymakers in our nation's capital and elsewhere, but i must admit to finding it just a little bit insane that in the post-9/11 world nuclear plant safety remains somehow a controversial issue. industry retains a near-strangehold on decision-making about security - given that we KNOW al quaeda had already designated nuke plants as targets for the original 9/11 plan, wouldn't one think this would be a no-brainer ?

maybe a crashing plane is highly unlikely to cause a radiation catastrophe. highly unlikely is very different than 'can't'. but we're talking about radioactive cloud that could make an area the size of PENNSYLVANIA uninhabitable for centuries people. seems like the nuke industry could be just a bit accomodating, no ?

- LH


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