Sunday, September 26, 2004


In a couple of weeks a new movie called "Taxi" is going to be released. It stars Queen Latifah and Jimmy Fallon.

Huh? Talk about clueless. There has been one, and only one, taxi movie made, and that gem of a movie was DC Cab. I'm not sure what those Hollywood producers were thinking by greenlighting another taxi themed movie, but they're looking for trouble.

DC Cab defined a generation. There was such a fundamental paradigm shift after that movie came out, that it forever obliterated the need for taxi-based movies. Take a look at this cast. I mean, Dewayne Jessie, Paul Rodriguez AND Mr. T? Having those stars align was a once in a lifetime deal.

Sure, every couple of years, some naive fool suggests following through on a sequel to DC Cab, but there's absolutely no way they'll get the principals back for such a movie, and if they think they can make a sequel without Max Gail AND Irene Cara, well, the fans simply won't stand for it.

I wonder what Mr. T would say about this new taxi movie?



At September 26, 2004 at 12:56 PM, Blogger Pappagallo said...

I feel the need to bring a little justice to this piece. Yes, a grave injustice was inflicted on the acting community with this masterblasted piece for, lest we forget, there was a performance, nay, two performances, that were nearly beyond the mortal ken. As a movie-goer, never, and I repeat, never, have I seen two performances simultaneously that evoked favorable comparisons to the greatest of young Brando (skinny Brando; not fat Brando). Who are these Shakespearian stars you ask? None other than the thespians Peter and David Paul, aka "the Barbarian Brothers", who double-handedly raised the level of grace of the movie. Monsieur T. may have carried the baton, but the Barbarian Brothers took it and ran to the finish line as none others in the history of mankind. Ah, Justice, you can rest now.


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