Wednesday, September 29, 2004

hitchens dicks around

speaking of delusional, christopher hitchens has never recovered even the tiny bit of wits he may have held onto on 9/10. but it certainly doesn't stop him from issuing incoherent rantings that abandon logic with enthusiasm. his latest column for slate is really remarkable. my personal highlight is this line, said without hint of sarcasm or irony, in response to THK's comment about the potential for an 'october surprise' apprehension of osama bin laden:

What will it take to convince these people that this is not a year, or a time, to be dicking around? Americans are patrolling a front line in Afghanistan, where it would be impossible with 10 times the troop strength to protect all potential voters on Oct. 9 from Taliban/al-Qaida murder and sabotage. We are invited to believe that these hard-pressed soldiers of ours take time off to keep Osama Bin Laden in a secret cave, ready to uncork him when they get a call from Karl Rove? For shame.

indeed, chris, no dicking around. we shouldnt dick around playing politics with troop levels and strengths, we shouldn't dick around pretending that we can pay for the war on terror with tax cuts, and we certainly shouldnt dick around running a campaign based on ignoring policy and attacking an opponent for a manufactured personality flaw.

hey, i don't believe we'll see bin laden in october. but it's not because i don't think it's something rove and company are capable of. its a pragmatic problem - what if you've got osama roped in someplace and he goes and dies on you ? or even worse, escapes ? no, if you've got him, you don't risk the negative - you take the positive and surf it, regardless of timing. that being said, given this administrations willingness to mask, misrepresent, and deny factual reality at every opportunity (see 9/11-saddam connection propogation for starters), what makes hitchens so sure they would stop now ?

- LH

ps the more i think about this line the more amazed i become. if only hitchens had been so bold as to write the same line - What will it take to convince these people that this is not a year, or a time, to be dicking around? - about invading Iraq instead of finishing the fight against al quaeda. the invasion of iraq is the DEFINITION of dicking around.


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