Tuesday, September 21, 2004

its time to start paying attention

because the neo-cons have learned NOTHING from iraq and they're ready to do it all over again.

With Iran policy in a state of flux, there is a drive among conservatives to reach out to Iranian dissidents and exiles seeking to overthrow the government, much as efforts were made with Iraqis in the 1990's. Senator Rick Santorum, a Pennsylvania Republican, is sponsoring legislation favoring "regime change," with what some say is the tacit backing of administration conservatives.

regime change itself is a valid goal in iran. regime removal and replacement, which is what santorum and his clones really mean, is a dangerous delusion. we, and perhaps the majority of iranians, would love to see that nation return to constitutionalism and democracy. i say 'return' because of course, that's what iran had in the early 1950's before the United States government toppled Mohammed Mossadeq and re-installed the shah. iranians know this even if americans don't, and they've never forgiven the US. which means that any 'reaching out' to anti-government movements has to be utterly and totally covert. the first sign of a reformist movement being attached to, supported by, or even viewed positively by, the US, is a political death sentence.

- LH


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