Wednesday, September 15, 2004

kagan catches up to LT

"The question now: Does President Bush care about the fate of democracy in Russia? "

robert kagan in the WApost. the core of the question:

"A great deal is riding on whether President Bush can muster the will to denounce the man he has regarded as an ally in the war on terrorism. Some will argue, and Bush may feel, that Putin is "with us." But now Bush needs to make a different calculation. Putin is not really "with us." With Russians confronting vicious terrorists, Putin is consolidating his own power. How, exactly, does that help us win the war on terrorism? "

- LH

UPDATE: Yglesias at TAPPED writes beautifully on this. "There's really no content to the Bush democracy agenda, it's just a rhetorical flourish that has the rare ability to appeal both to Bush's Christian base and to secular, educated journalists."

UPDATE 2: So far, pretty lukewarm. More to come we hope. . .


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