Friday, September 17, 2004

kerry coming on strong

there's nothing the 'liberal' media loves to do more than mock democrats inability to campaign as effectively and brutally as the republicans. there's an ongoing pressure to be more critical, more cynical, more pessimistic - mainly about the kerry campaign staff's competence, its message, and above all the candidate himself.

but kerry has found a new voice since the GOP convention, and it's speaking clearly. the polls say this man is losing, but i can accept that. in 2000 we all believed that, if only gore had run a better campaign (or post-campaign) america would have responded. well, kerry is out there saying this like this:

"With all due respect to the president, has he turned on the evening news lately? Does he read the newspapers?" Kerry said. "Does he really know what's happening? Is he talking about the same war that the rest of us are talking about?"

if america chooses bush after kerry runs a campaign thats this honest and straightforward, this direct and this clear, then that's their (our) choice. we'll live with the consequences. but i'm proud of kerry the candidate today.

- LH


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