Tuesday, September 21, 2004

nader and the ballot

it saddens me that the democrats have stooped to trying to keep ralph nader off the ballot in november.

not as much as it saddens me that a man who was once a giant among progressives and a bastion of intellectual courage has humiliated himself repeatedly to stroke some kind of massive ego-demands. not as much as it shocks me that there are actually american voters who choose to defecate on their responsibility to the direction of this country so as to consider voting for him in this election. and not so much as it crushes me that those votes may once again profoundly influence the outcome on nov. 2.

but its still sad. we should never be a party that seeks to limit the voters choices or stifle debate. nader has a right to run, and people have a right to give him their vote. no matter how sad the consequences of those rights might be.

- LH

UPDATE: i can't decide what i think about these nader voters. i mean, do i really think that 2% of voters in florida are left-wing radical socialists who can't discern between bush and kerry ? by definition, these people are politically engaged enough to understand the functional choices in this election. they can't really think that their 'protest vote' will be anything but political martyrdom. so maybe the naderheads are right - these are people who are outside the system and otherwise wouldn't even show up. if that's true, however, then why are they considered 'likely voters' and polled at all ? i'm assuming a 'likely voter' is someone who voted last time, and thus these are the remaining nader voters from 2000 who are still on the bus. i just don't know what to think.


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