Thursday, September 16, 2004

Pathetic posturing

Here's a laugher. The US is chastising Saudi Arabia for their lack of religious freedoms. So is anything going to change? Of course not:

Although the commission is "not at this particular time recommending any particular form of sanctions," she said, if "dialogue and consultations" fail to bring mprovements in Saudi Arabia's record on religion, then "the full range of options needs to be explored, possibly in an escalating way."
Blah, blah, blah. NOTHING will happen. This is the sort of posturing that gives the appearance of something happening, but behind the scenes, it's business as usual, as in, give us oil, here's our money, so do the whatever the hell you want. This gives the Bushies a little breathing room in that they at least acknowledge religious oppression in SA, but this is nothing new. We've know these things for years, and nothing has happened. Democratic Presidents have been just as guilty in passing the buck on this issue, although after 911, Bush's relationship with the Saudis makes the situation increasingly dangerous; for example: 911.



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