Saturday, September 25, 2004

Powell of Crap

Colin Powell is the most irrelevant Secretary of State in modern times.

Shocked? Well, don’t be. Take a look at Colin’s record and you will see nothing but irrelevance. Foreign policy in this country is dictated completely from the White House and the Pentagon. For the past four years, Powell has been forced to do nothing but cleanup for the imbecilic actions of the Pentagon and the White House. And he’s done an absolutely poor job doing that.

Powell has been able to cruise along in this administration as being labled the realist and the one who’s been fighting to soften the edgier aspects of the administration’s foreign policy. Powell gets to travel around the world and have desperate diplomats kiss his butt, thinking somehow he’s the only rational one in the administration. Powell thrives and revels in this positive characterization. He can posture and throw out hollow statements that seem to suggest we value the opinion of the rest of the world, meanwhile, any real action is undercut by Rumsfield and the Bushies. But Powell is content being perceived as the lone good guy, because it allows him to travel the world and have his arse collectively kissed, without having to actually do anything.

Let’s take a look at his record:

Israel. Once again, he’s been left on the sidelines on this issue. When Bush went through the motions of unveiling his ridiculous “roadmap”, it was Condoleeza Rice who was empowered to see it through (and of course she has been invisible on this issue, as Sharon’s recent castrating of the road map demonstrates). Did it occur to Powell that maybe HE should be the one responsible for this major foreign policy initiative? Powell recently came out and pleaded that
Yasser Arafat step aside so the peace process could restart. That sounds logical on its face, since Yasser is a murderous thug, but who in the heck is Powell to demand Yasser leave the scene? The US has NO credibility on the Palestinian issue, and now our Sec. of State wants the main player to leave the scene? Why should he? The implication is that the Palestinian people might benefit from his absence, but there’s no reason to believe that with Bush in the White House. Our foreign policy has made the irrelevant Arafat relevant, because we consider the Israeli-Palestinian issue as important, as oh, say the National Lambada championships.

Iraq. The media talking heads and the foreign policy establishment love to blather on how it was Powell who convinced Bush to seek a UN resolution on the Iraq issue. We were spoon-fed the typical nonsense of how Powell advocated the value of obtaining the support of the world if we were to undertake such an action as invasion. Powell should have seen that he was being railroaded into a war that he did not think we should fight. And Powell’s defining legacy will be his appearance at the UN explaining the threat Iraq posed to the world. I’m sure you remember it, we got all the neat overheads of bioweapons labs, a paper bag that was suppose represent anthrax and how many thousands of people it could kill, and on and on. Powell sat there and misled the entire world using information he knew was sketchy at best, advocating for a war he did not support. And after a year and half, with no weapons in sight, Powell has declined to resign.

But why should he. I’m sure he’s planning to leave if Bush gets re-elected. He’ll come off as the faithful soldier, even though he'll stroke the Foggy Bottom crowd by reinforcing the belief he was the only sane one in the group. Powell is concerned with one thing, and that is image control. Once he leaves his job, he can expect four more years of butt-kissing for being the only rational one in the administration, and no one will take him to task for empowering Bush to behave so irrationally. He’ll get his 100K speech appearance fees, and he’ll travel the world, listening to foreign diplomats fawn over him, “if bush had only listened to you…”

Powell is an egotistical maniac concerned about one person: himself.



At September 26, 2004 at 2:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, this bloggg is great. I have been annoyed for years by everyone thinking Powell was a moderate.


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