Friday, September 17, 2004

radicalism behind the scenes

when liberals talk about bush administration radicalism, they're usually referring to big-ticket items: iraq, USA-PATRIOT, the tax cuts, etc... but a huge portion of the action, and some of the most damaging, is happening beneath the radar in the federal rulemaking and enforcement arenas.

”Since 2001, key regulatory plans have been abandoned, and those few major rules that have been undertaken favour corporate over public interests,” said Gary Bass, OMB Watch executive director. ”Statistics show a pattern of neglect, but not how the few rules being done decidedly favour industry.”

the GOP agenda is about more than 'streamlining' and reducing government waste. its about unfettered corporate will and incapacitating the government's ability to meaningfully protect the rights and health of the citizenry. when a republican president is tossing aside rules from the reagan and bush 1 administrations, you know it's a whole new world.

- LH

UPDATE: contrast the OMB Watch report with this release from jim mcgreevey, gov. of new jersey. sure, the guy is resigning in shame, but not without leaving a legacy of leadership on environmental issues. while bush is busy trying to drag america back to the 1940's, democrats are preparing for the future that will be, not the future that never was.

- LH


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