Wednesday, September 15, 2004

those principled republicans

wasn't there a time when 'local control' was the watchword for the right wing ? perhaps only when it fits their lobbyists agenda. in case you haven't already heard, Congress, yes, that Congress, is entertaining a bill that would unilaterally lift a long list of democratically chosen restrictions on the sale, purchase and possession of firearms in the District of Columbia. the House bill would: remove the District's stringent ban on handguns, lift a restriction against semiautomatic weapons, end registration requirements for ammunition and other firearms, and cancel criminal penalties for possessing unregistered firearms and carrying a handgun in one's home or workplace.

conveniently, the District has, of course, NO voting representation in Congress to protect the rights and freedoms of its citizenry to make their own choices about gun control, so Mark Souder of Indiana is leading the fight to do it for them.

twisted as this issue is, here's the best part: Souder, on why he's willing to preempt local democracy to enforce his vision of an armed America on our nation's capital:

"The fact is, we didn't allow the District to have home rule on the selling of slaves, either," Souder told the Post."

your republican party, ladies and gentlemen.

- LH


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