Thursday, October 14, 2004

boot boots

max boot makes a valiant attempt to find some kind of conservative storyline to undermine the reality that is becoming startlingly clear to the electorate: john kerry will indeed fight terror more effectively than george w. bush. Ignoring the policy decisions and consequences of bush’s addled thinking, boot grasps at craven emotionalism for his last-ditch defense:

Bush gets it; he was transformed by 9/11. His policy implementation has been shaky, to say the least, but at least he has shown a sense of urgency in combating terrorism and weapons proliferation that was missing in the 1990s. Kerry claims a similar sense of purpose, but he told the Times that the attacks on America "didn't change me much at all." That's a lot scarier than having a president who's clueless about "the Internets."

john kerry wasn’t affected by 9/11 ? 9/11 didn’t change everything for him ? what is he, some kind of emotionless liberal automaton ?

of course not. John kerry states he wasn’t changed much at all because, where W. was utterly ignorant and in denial about al quaeda and the terror threat during the first 9 months of his presidency, john kerry has been aware and focused on it for years. Kerry didn’t discover al quaeda on 9/11, when the rest of us did – he’s been thinking and working on how to deal with these kinds of issues since W was running a baseball team. Sure, kerry could have performed some emotional histrionics in this interview; tossed out some macho language and let the reporter see his eyes redden. But I think this country has suffered enough empty emotionalism for one millenium, don’t you ?

- LH


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