Monday, October 11, 2004

conservatives rationalizing - funny to watch until its not

martin peretz, editor in chief of formerly left and now quite centrist although very much pro-Democrat 'the new republic' tips his hand hilariously and early in his latest apologist adventure trying to find a way to feel good about W. in a piece that is no less absurd throughout, he writes:

even on the environment, where a great gulf supposedly separates the candidates, Kerry's promises are exuberant but vague, and George W. Bush, as governor of Texas, promoted one of the largest and most productive programs of wind farms in the country. This actually diminishes our dependency on Middle Eastern oil, something Kerry's rhetoric about energy independence does not.

simply breathtaking. kerry's detailed plans are dismissed as vague, while peretz ignores FOUR ENTIRE YEARS of presidency to reach back to a texas wind farm project. (tree huggers will of course also note that peretz is clearly out of his comfort zone - no wind farm in the world is producing fuel for cars; its providing electricity. not a drop of middle east oil was saved by those farms, regardless of whatever other value they might have.

its becoming clearer people. what it takes to vote W in this election is beginning to materialize. it takes an exceedingly unhealthy relationship with reality, and an enthusiastic willingness to tell yourself whatever it is you want to hear. for a raging ideologue, bush is ever more a blank slate, upon which conservatives and their ilk project hilariously idealized images reflecting the colors of their own conscience. on november 3rd, they'll have to take responsibility for the image bush chooses to project upon the world.

- LH

UPDATE: in case there was any question. . .


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