Monday, October 04, 2004

Darth Cheney

Well, after a few days of some serious spinning from both sides, it looks like the conventional wisdom is that Kerry overwhelmingly won the first debate. Now the media is trying to create some new drama by hyping the VP debate. With Kerry's win, the VP debate is now seen as critical: Cheney has to stop the bleeding.

It'll be interesting to see how Edwards does. Personally, I think he's going to the Ickey Shuffle all over Cheney. The spin is that it's an even match, but I don't buy that. The reason they say Edwards might be vulnerable is his now infamous appearance on Meet the Press, when he was running for Prez, and he, at least by the media's account, just blew it. Well, this is a debate, not an interview. This is Edwards turf. He will put Cheney on trial and hopefully keep the guy on the defensive. Of course Cheney will put his "Mr. Gravitas" costume on, but Edwards needs to keep coming back and challenging Cheney on everything he says. Cheney's instincts on just about EVERYTHING have been wrong and Edwards needs to remind not only the public of this, but Cheney. Edwards needs to be the anti-Cheney in this debate. He can't let Cheney have one of his "serious times require serious people..." moments. Edwards should mock Cheney for being wrong all the time, highlighting that the only absolute certainty in the universe are Cheney's poor instincts.

It's embarrassing to consider all the conditions Bush and Co. demanded out of the debates and now it looks like it's backfired. Apparently, the only way Bush agreed to 3 debates was if Kerry agreed that Cheney and Edwards would debate one on one, not in a townhall format. These guys are absolute cowards. They want us to trust them with our national security, when they can't even manage to present themselves to the public unless carefully orchestrated.



At October 5, 2004 at 2:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ickey shuffle? Great climbing master blaster


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