Tuesday, October 05, 2004

decisive victory for edwards

at about minute 25 tonight mrs. humungus turned to me and said 'this is a bloodbath'.

i couldn't agree more.

an absolute bloodbath. the carnage certainly slowed towards the end of affairs, but that first 30 minutes. . . edwards was simply fantastic.

i don't have a transcript and haven't read any commentary, but a couple notes:

- edwards first response was unbelievable. it was 'rope a dope'. he chose NOT to challenge cheney on the saddam/9-11 connection, knowing cheney couldnt resist floating that balloon again. cheney took the bait, edwards seized the opportunity and set his theme for the evening rolling. it was the kind of risk lawyers take in movies, and tonight it paid off. literally breathtaking.

- cheney showed that he's a man of class. for all that i find his politics and policies shameful, he handled himself with dignity, particularly when he used his 30-sec response merely to thank edwards for his comments about his family. that's classy.

- gwen ifill did a fine job, but a couple of the questions towards the end simply didn't belong.

- huge energy shift in the debate atmosphere, again favoring edwards. this isnt a presidential debate where most viewers will tough it out watching the entire 90 minutes. for remote-happy viewers, both candidates energy seemed to flatten after 30 minutes, and again after 60. i wonder if neilsen numbers would show a decline in viewership on that pattern. if so, it only favors edwards who dominated the first 30 minutes without question.

- edwards closing statement was dazzling. cheneys was inert.

i saw debate #1 between kerry and bush as essentially a draw. the media and apparently the public disagreed. maybe i'll wake up to hear people calling this a cheney slam-dunk, but at this moment, minutes later, its inconceivable.

- LH


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