Thursday, October 07, 2004

friedman explodes !

this break to write a book may be the best thing thats ever happened to the guy. i cant help but wonder if the time off allowed him to shed both his unrealistic optimism and need to defend that optimism, because he's come back hitting hard and speaking truth.

The Bush team . . . has treated the Arab-Israeli issue with benign neglect, failed to find any way to communicate with the Arab world and adopted an energy policy that is supporting the worst Arab oil regimes and the worst trends. Phil Verleger, one of the nation's top energy consultants and a longtime advocate of a gas tax, puts it succinctly: "U.S. energy policy today is in support of terrorism - not the war on terrorism."

our current energy policy: enormous environmental consequences, dramatic economic consequences (funneling money overseas instead of investing it in domestic energy generation) and absolutely carcinogenic consequences for our relationship to the world. our addiction to oil is bleeding the economy while heating the globe to 'simmer' from an ecological standpoint and 'rolling boil' internationally. think about the opportunity george bush had to alter this relationship on 9/12; think about the choices he's made instead. it's unconscionable.

- LH


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