Saturday, October 16, 2004

The gay flap

It really is odd to see how much mileage this issue - Kerry mentioning Dick Cheney's gay daughter in his answer to his question about gay marriage - is getting in the press. A lot of folks think it was a mistake by Kerry to bring her into this debate, but I'm going to give Kerry more credit than that. This issue just might disappear, but it also might stay alive, just under the radar until the election. Kerry is just too calculating a figure to just let something random and emotional like that just blurt out. I think he knew what kind of reaction there would be, and initially, I would guess he knew there would be a negative reaction to him bringing it up. But if does continue to get play, I think it helps him in the long run, mainly because it requires all of Bush's right wing pseudo religious supporters to talk about an issue they're very uncomfortable talking about. Most are in complete denial that their Vice-President has a gay daughter. It's just too incomprehensible for them to think their ultra rightwing nutbag leaders would somehow be so flawed (in their eyes) as to raise a gay daughter. So, they can't really come out and defend the president and attack Kerry without exposing their own vitriolic history on the subject.

And that brings me to the depraved situation the Cheney's have embraced. It's quite pathetic to see Lynne Cheney get upset that John Kerry mentions her daughter, in a question about homosexuality, and not get equally upset when some of her husband's core supporters use language that equates Lynne's daughter's behavior with pedophilia, beastiality, alcoholism, or a host of other quite nasty comparisons. Where's Lynne's outrage for these comments? Well, it's quite easy to understand, since it would put her into a position where she would end up attacking a huge chunk of the people that keep her husband and that doofus Bush in power. Let's take a quote from one of Bush's most ardent supporters:

When lawlessness is abroad in the land, the same thing will happen here that happened in Nazi Germany. Many of those people involved in Adolph Hitler were Satanists. Many of them were homosexuals. The two things seem to go together. Pat Robertson, Christian Coalition, 700 Club 1/21/93
That's an old quote, and there are more recent ones in a similar vein, but I thought that would be a useful one to demonstrate the venomous rhetoric spewing forth from some of Cheney/Bush's most loyal supporters.

Can you just imagine the scenes that play out, over and over again, as Lynne and her husband attend innumerable fundraisers and pep rallies, where over caviar and expensive wine, these people, oblivious to Mary Cheney's sexual orientation, tell Lynne and her husband to keep up the fight against these "gay activists who want to molest our children..." I wonder if Lynne even winces when something like this is said, or does she just force a grin and thank the person for supporting her husband. It seems that the Cheney's are close to their children. Mary even works on her father's campaign, but you have to wonder what stomach churning family values they have, that they would continue to pander to this most hateful element of American society, simply in a desperate bid to stay in power. Well, I think I just answered that question myself. Family values indeed.



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