Friday, October 01, 2004

kerry forces the issue

john kerry threw some real bones to the left last night - haliburton comes to mind - but i was surprised to hear him cite global warming and the kyoto accords on more than one occasion. of course, bush didn't even bother to address kyoto - consistent with his administrations viewpoint, global warming simply does not exist.

but while bush denies the rest of the world is moving forward. russia's ratification yesterday may be underwhelming in terms of ecological implications, but it is enormous in political terms. international climate change action policy went from an idea to a reality, and the united states under george bush is being left behind.

above the fold environmental newsletter cites three excellent stories on the ratification and what it means for the future:

With Russia's nod, treaty on emissions clears last hurdle. The long-delayed Kyoto Protocol on global warming overcame its last critical hurdle to taking effect around the world on Thursday when Russia's cabinet endorsed the treaty and sent it to Parliament. New York Times

Russia's CO2 promise will kickstart carbon trade. The decision by the Russian government to ratify the Kyoto Treaty on climate change yesterday promises to kickstart a multibillion-dollar global emissions trading industry - based in London. London Guardian, England.

Russia finally backs Kyoto. Does it matter?. It's not enough, but it's a start. Politicians and environmentalists around the world cheered yesterday when after a long period of vacillation, Russia finally moved to ratify the Kyoto Protocol, the international treaty on countering climate change. London Independent, England.

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