Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Kerry's October surprise?

This story is not dying. Who would've thunk that a story about lost weapons would be getting this much mileage. And now the Kerry campaign is jumping right on it to continue their theme that Bush has disastrously handled post-war Iraq. It's been kind of hard to figure out the history of the story, but Josh at TPM has been the most coherent on the issue. In a nutshell, the IAEA had been responsible for monitoring these weapons (basically raw material for explosives), but were cut off from it when the American invasion started. After the invasion, the US military ignored the site and left it wide open for looters. The real story here is how the White House is spinning how much they knew. They're trying to spin it that they just found out about it along with everyone else, but the reality seems to be they knew about the site for 18 months, and asked the Iraqis to not tell the IAEA. Their limp excuse seems to be that they did not want the story getting out since they thought it would alert the 'enemy' to all these weapons. I guess we're suppose to assume, using White House logic, that non-enemies are the ones who stole it, and if the story went public, the real enemy would somehow get a hold of this stolen material. Got that?

This story has been getting some real play in the "liberal media", and it only hurts Bush. This is the closet Kerry will get to his own "October surprise", so he might as well milk it. He probably couldn't ask for a better "October surprise", than say, finding old photos of Bush snorting coke. Liberals are nervous as hell that Bush as his own surprise, with most predicting an Osama capture a few days before the election.

There's a week left, anything is possible.



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