Saturday, October 09, 2004

The most delusional column ever written

David Brooks has written THE most delusional column in the history of the world. I know, I know, that's a pretty bold statement, since there are a lot of delusional commentators out there, but his most recent NYTimes column far surpasses any rantings we've seen. It makes Ann Coulter's columns seem noble and enlightening by comparison.

With the exception of the Prez and Vice-Prez, everyone interpreted the final weapons report as saying Saddam did NOT have any WMDs, and most importantly, he was a DIMINISHING threat. Brooks, on some mushroom, coke, heroin, cheap glue, pcb-laden crack induced high begs to differ.

I know the Times editorial board gives its writers a lot of leeway but I wonder if they burst out laughing when he handed this one in.


ps- Brooks goes out of his way to mock France, Russia and China for engaging Saddam in these backdoor UN "oil for food" deals, but he fails to mention the role of US companies in these sweetheart deals, recently in the news. Brooks is a delusional ass.


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